About Us

We understand the value of sustainably sourced single-use packaging that quickly and safely returns back to earth after use. Greener Genes offers consumers competitively priced compostable food packaging sourced from agricultural residue and sustainable pulp.

A life-promoting compost that saves trees and reduces CO2
By using only out plant-based packaging and kraft materials, our food packaging is guaranteed to return as nutrient rich compost within 180 days.  That is 499 years faster than traditional petroleum based packaging.  Choosing our packaging helps you save trees and reduce overall carbon footprint.

Optimized delivery routes and schedules to minimize carbon emissions.
We turn your food waste and packaging into nutrient-rich compost by partnering with local composting provider.
Quality control and product transparency.
Free & friendly consultation for startups and existing brands for packaging requirements and needs.
We connect and promote home grown young entrepreneurs and artists who foster the packaging community.
Sustainability reports every 6 months available upon request exclusively for corporate accounts.