1. What is Wheat Fiber?

It is a rapidly renewable agricultural remainder of a wheat husk. Our wheat packagings are made by pressing the pulp at high pressure and temperatures into a molded form. 

2.  Why Wheat Packaging?

They are highly renewable agricultural excess that is home compostable within 180 days. Wheat packaging is a sustainable solution to harmful petroleum based packaging. It has lesser carbon footprint and over all lower water consumption as compared to the production of traditional food packaging.

3. What is your clear lid made out of?

Our clear lids are made out of #5 Polyproylene plastic (PP) which supports airtight requirements for your food content and prevents liquid spillage during transport. It is also often chosen for containers that will hold hot liquid. As compared to other plastics, PP breaks down faster and has higher recyclability rate. Nevertheless, we are working towards replacing our PP lid with a more environmentally sound option.


 4. How do I compost the Wheat and Kraft packaging?

Our Wheat and Kraft packaging are rich in carbon, hence an integral part in decomposition. These are great alternative to dried leaves as a composting ingredient. After using, make sure the packaging are dry then shred them into tiny pieces. Mix them into your compost bin along with your other composting matters. It will compost in 180 days but do note that the rate of decomposition depends on the composting conditions and methods – the temperature, turnover rate, moisture, ingredients, and etc. Please feel free to explore other composting methods.

Oven Usage

5. Are they oven safe and microwave safe?

Wheat Packaging can be microwaved under 100°C. Condensation from the food is expected when reheating. It is also oven safe under 100°C in less than 15 minutes so long as the food content is ideal for baking. As each kitchen is different, supervision is highly advised. Please note that clamshell designs are NOT ideal for oven use. Plastic lids should NOT be put inside the oven and microwave. 

Kraft boxes can be microwaved under 100°C and in less that 30 seconds. Please make sure the food content is microwave safe too. Kraft boxes are NOT oven safe.


6. What is the shelf life of the Wheat and Kraft Packaging?

It is best used within 8 to 12 months and stored in room temperature.

Return & Refund

7. Can I return items?

We are not allowed to accept return items as this compromises on food packaging sanitation even if the item is not opened. Only factory defective items can be returned for review, and only credit notes or gift cards for your next purchase will be issued. Return of factory defective items is only valid within 7 days from the date of purchase, as conditions like preexisting storage methods and temperature can tamper with our packaging quality.

If you received a wrong order delivery, kindly send an email to [email protected] within 48 hours from delivery completion. The email should include photos of item received with email subject line: Incorrect order *insert order number* . 

8. Do you accept refund?

We will issue credit notes or gift cards for items confirmed to be returned/replaced but does not provide refunds on any item.